Samsung Galaxy VIP Event

Thursday March 22, 2018 – I attended a VIP Samsung Launch Event for the new Samsung S9 & S9+. Samsung really rolled out the red carpet for everyone who attended. I even made it in time for a giveaway. I received wireless headphones, see them here > Samsung Gear IconX 

We walked into the beautiful room at the venue in Hollywood, Goya Studios, where we were greeted by the awesome staff from Samsung. Everyone had warm smiles and friendly personalities. The bar was center stage, always a a good sign. (View Photo) LOL
Then I went straight to make an emoji of myself, compliments of the new Samsung phone. (view photo)
Next stop, a “mood” feature on the phone, it was spot on. You choose photos from a “lineup” that catches your eye then it determines your mood. Feeling Flirty. Always ready to flirt! (devil horns) It plays a song from whatever mood you’re in. Not sure how this happens. Mine was “Feel this Moment” by Pitbull ft. Christina Aguillera. (view photo)
I made my way over to the bar to grab a beverage, you could have anything you want. Compliments of Samsung. Wine, liquor, prosecco, soda, water. No to the last two. Mix it or double fist!
We then grabbed some food, fried chicken sliders, beef sliders and vegetarian sliders, add a side of french fries and we were happy campers. What’s next? I am already impressed. There is more!!!!!
Then we noticed, an Oyster Bar WITH a prosecco bar, they were flying off the ice. Very popular item. They really made this an event to be remembered. Did they stop there? NO.
They wanted us to feel relaxed too, so we went for the “spa lounge”. Free hand massages. Free oils for stress ease, anxiety and balance. I took ALL 3. I am always on-the-go. I need it all, to stay at my best!!! They also offered passed hors d’ oeuvre incase the sliders and fries didn’t fit your mood.
Now, I need a Samsung S9+ to keep it poppin’. To learn more about the Samsung phone. Visit
Thanks for coming along,

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