Green Eggs & Ham Premiere. A New Netflix Original Series

Standing At The Entrance to The Premiere of Green Eggs and Ham. A New Netflix Series. Sunday November 3, 2019

Hey Everyone, thanks for stopping by. I attended the premiere of Green Eggs and Ham. A new Netflix Original Series. It is streaming on NETFLIX NOW!

Remember when you were a kid? I loved Dr. Seuss’ and his famous books. Now, you can go stream it for your kids. (and you of course!)

OK, I arrived to the event excited to see what action was going on!! The celebs were out to play on Sunday (November 3). It was great to see Ellen DeGeneres who is an Executive Producer and voices from the animated series present were Adam DeVine, Keegan-Michael Key, Diane Keaton and IIana Glazer. Other stars on the scene were blogger Perez Hilton with his kids in tow and fashion businesswoman Rachel Zoe.

Entrance to Venue. An Egg running down steps

WATCH: Green Eggs and Ham Trailer

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