HBO & World Of Wonder Present #Liberty2Me, A Portrait Gallery + A documentary, “Liberty: Mother of Exiles”

Wayne Sampson + “Liberty2me” Photographer Josh Telles
LISTEN: Wayne Interviews the Gallery Photographer

Hollywood, CA, Greetings friends, I had a chance to attend the opening of the #Liberty2Me Portrait gallery. Listen to my interview with the gallery photographer, located at the World of Wonder (RuPaul’s Drag Race) Production Headquarters in Hollywood, CA + watch the trailer of the documentary that explores the Statue of Liberty’s origins on generations.

Photo booth for GUEST of the Gallery Opening
Description of MOTHER of EXILES Gallery

Portrait of BEVY SMITH (TV Personality)
Words from Bevy: Agency & Freedom: Liberty Equals freedom, and freedom means a lot to a girl with two parents from the Jim Crow South
Diane Von Furstenberg, (DVF) Fashion Designer and Executive Producer (Mother of Exiles)
Words from Diane: Freedom, Hope, Love, Eternity: Liberty is freedom, hope, love and eternity

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