Green Eggs & Ham Premiere. A New Netflix Original Series

Standing At The Entrance to The Premiere of Green Eggs and Ham. A New Netflix Series. Sunday November 3, 2019

Hey Everyone, thanks for stopping by. I attended the premiere of Green Eggs and Ham. A new Netflix Original Series. It is streaming on NETFLIX NOW!

Remember when you were a kid? I loved Dr. Seuss’ and his famous books. Now, you can go stream it for your kids. (and you of course!)

OK, I arrived to the event excited to see what action was going on!! The celebs were out to play on Sunday (November 3). It was great to see Ellen DeGeneres who is an Executive Producer and voices from the animated series present were Adam DeVine, Keegan-Michael Key, Diane Keaton and IIana Glazer. Other stars on the scene were blogger Perez Hilton with his kids in tow and fashion businesswoman Rachel Zoe.

Entrance to Venue. An Egg running down steps

WATCH: Green Eggs and Ham Trailer

I went to I Heart Radio’s “Wango Tango” #TBT

Throw back Thursday Blog Post

I had so much FUN at I HEART RADIO’s WANGO TANGO to kick off Summer 2019 with Ryan Seacrest + his morning show. It took place on June 1, 2019 at the LA GALAXY home stadium. KIIS -FM threw the bash, home of Ryan Seacrests’ morning show. Watch the clips below for a fun experience. WATCH the video’s below for all the FUN!!!

Wango Tango Montage by Wayne Sampson
Montage by LIVE with Kelly and Ryan
Welcome Ava Max. Clip by Wayne Sampson

Good Burger Pop Up

I went to the GOOD BURGER pop up in West Hollywood, CA to eat.

I took some photos and give you a video tour. Take a look below!

It pays homage to the 90s hit on Nickelodeon.

“ALL THAT” is BACK on Nickelodeon Television + Nickelodeon’s YouTube

Kenan and Kel wasn’t there.

The most excitement is they gave the “proper welcome”

A Proper Welcome at Good Burger

It cost $30 + $6.00 tip + tax = $38.00

I got photos and a burger.

This is where you take photos. so I took a photo

Got a nice photo with the smile.

main room where you order. GAME ROOM in the back.

Classic Shot
Some orange soda action
Hit Play: A short Tour